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Better health, better care and better value

The blue Highland Quality Triangle provides a concise summary of the unique approach to quality that we have developed. It starts with the individual patient or client as the focus, based on a vision to deliver "better health, better care and better value". Better health involves focusing on prevention and the well-being of individuals and the population as a whole. Better care reflects our determination to continually improve the safety and quality of both the technical aspects of our services but also the experience of those who receive it. Better value recognises that there is intrinsic waste in the way that health care is normally delivered and that we have to relentlessly drive out that waste, providing better value for each public pound that we spend on behalf of others. This relentless focus in reflected in our mission: to improve the quality of our care to every person every day. Every organisation is rooted in a particular culture. Values of teamwork, excellence, integrity and caring are there to ensure a culture that is quality focused on attracting the best people, building the best teams, pursuing the highest quality of outcomes and creating a caring experience. We recognise the importance of leadership in delivering this, focusing on delivery and effective governance, whilst at the same time promoting research and innovation that will let us do tomorrow what we cannot do today. Our close relationships with academic colleagues who are steeped in improvement science ensures that continuous improvement is not a sideshow but sits center stage as our defining identity.

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