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The Highland Quality Approach

The Highland Quality Approach captures the spirit of how NHS Highland is working to improve care and outcomes for people in Highland.  It describes our ways of working, values and behaviour.   It recognises how important it is to improve the health of the population and get the experience of care right for individual people, every time.  We will deliver this by focussing on providing person-centred care while at the same time eliminating waste, reducing harm and managing variation.
This approach places an explicit emphasis on how we will make best use all of our resources.  It is founded on the evidence that by focusing on quality and being person centred we will achieve better health, better care and better value.
The Blue Triangle - Capturing the key elements of the Highland Quality Approach
The  framework starts to describe the Highland Quality framework and is captured in our blue triangle.  It has been designed to place the  individual at the top, with everything else we do supporting this purpose. In developing our approach we have drawn fom the best learning we could find. The framework is adopted from Virginia Mason Medical Centre.
The key elements of the Highland Quality Approach are summarised in the blue triangle and include our Mission, Vision and Values. It also describes how services and care will look in the future as well as how we are approaching changing the way we deliver services and care.
developing tools to further explore this research avenue with more sensitive measurements and improved data collection.